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Why You Always Feel Hungry – The Food Reasons

Sure, you might have a fast metabolism (or there may be a medical reason) but before you enlist your fast metabolism as the reason you’re constantly snacking, let’s take a look at the other possibilities. But first, how does feeling hungry “work”? When your stomach is empty, it releases ghrelin. That’s a hormone which sends a message to your brain saying, ‘Feed me!’ And when it’s been fed enough, another hormone called leptin sends the ‘Full now’ message to your brain. But of course, it’s not as simple as that. Other factors can interfere with the normal hunger mechanism and we’re looking at those right now.


 White foods such as white bread, white potatoes, white pasta, and white flour in sweets cause your ghrelin levels to shoot up. Those refined carbohydrates are quickly converted into sugars… and your body will respond to all those sugars by triggering a shot of insulin. Its job is to get your sugar levels back down to normal. Then, once the sugars are gone, you’re hungry again. You will avoid that cycle by eating unrefined carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes) with a decent sized serve of protein (chicken, fish) and some non-starch vegetables like broccoli or leafy greens.

Various pasta, bread and snacks that have too much starchy carbs. They leave you hungry but there are other great bread and pastas and are Clean and Healthy with good Nutrients. The solution to weight loss is with WeightLoss-Solutions 10 Day Weight Loss Plan to Get Rid of Belly Fat
Various pasta, bread and snacks isolated on white background.


When you skip meals such as breakfast, the hunger hormone ghrelin starts to shout, “I’m empty down here, feed me!” The louder it shouts, the more likely you are to binge.


Contrary to what a lot of “experts” have been telling us for decades (until recently, anyway), fat is good for us. Unsaturated fat, that is. It generates the contented feeling of fullness which means we won’t be craving for something else to eat because we’re satisfied. Oils, nuts, seeds, avocados – they’re all good. And they’re heart healthy. Another reason to avoid so-called “low fat” foods is that they are typically loaded with sugar, along with salt, additives galore and other health problems.


Veggies are a great source of both fiber and water, and the good thing about both of those is that they are fullness factors. With enough fiber and enough water, you won’t feel hungry. Salads are excellent in this regard too.


Protein stays in your stomach longer. Which is exactly what you want to stave off the hungries. Protein Powder is a great additive to combated this.


One trouble with focusing on calories is that calories don’t satisfy your hunger. Nutrients do. Nutrients like fiber, healthy fats, protein. Snacks don’t contain much nutrition which is why you can still be hungry after eating snacks, because food is supposed to nourish you – and snacks don’t do that. Well, not so much anyway. WeightLoss-Solutions has created The Ultimate Guide to Food and Nutrition that teaches you all about foods and how to use them to lose weight naturally and permanently. We are giving away a free copy to everyone. There are many foods that are great for your health, will keep you full for longer, and we are here to show you what they are and with our 21 Day Weight Loss Program you will never be hungry, but you well achieve total overall health.

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