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The Perfect 20 Minute Workout

You only need about 20 minutes of exercise daily to achieve your weight loss goals. Optimizing that time can help you achieve your goals faster. Finding the perfect workout is the best way to ensure you maximize your 20 minutes. However, everyone’s physical capabilities and weight loss goals are different. So, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for the perfect 20-minute workout. Here’s how to find the perfect 20-minute workout for you.

Define Your Weight Loss Goals

To define your weight loss goals, start by considering your current weight and health status along with your goals. Setting specific, realistic goals is essential for the success of your workouts. We recommend focusing on “non-scale” goals like better sleep and improved energy to help support your motivation. Defining your weight loss goals helps you understand the path to success. 

Understand Your Optimum Heart Rate For Burning Fat

You can optimize your workouts by understanding your optimum heart rate for burning fat. Scientifically, your ideal fat-burning heart rate zone generally falls somewhere between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate. Our weight loss program includes a heart rate calculator to help you learn your zone. Staying within your zone during aerobic exercises helps you utilize fat as a primary energy source. This method ensures you burn more fat and build muscle during workouts. 

Always Start With A WarmUp

Warming up before exercising prepares your body for workouts. Warm-ups gradually increase your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood flow. They not only help reduce your risk of injury, but they prime your body for optimal performance during a 20-minute workout. We recommend including stretching and breathing in your warm-ups. Stretching improves flexibility, preventing injury, and deep breathing enhances oxygen availability. 

Do Intermittent Interval Exercise

Intermittent interval exercise involves alternating between short bursts of high-intensity exercise and periods of rest of lower-intensity activity. Intermittent interval exercise improves cardiovascular fitness and enhances your body’s ability to burn calories. It is the most effective weight loss workout. The best part about intermittent interval exercise is that it can be adapted to various workouts, like weight lifting, cycling, or running. The coaches in our 21-day weight loss program will show you how. 

Use A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers, like smartwatches, fitness rings, and clip-on trackers, monitor your physical activity, like sleep patterns, step count, and heart rate. People who use fitness trackers tend to be more active and achieve their fitness goals better. Fitness tracks can optimize your 20-minute workouts, like helping monitor your heart rate to stay in your fat-burning zone. 

Using these tips will help you craft the perfect 20-minute workout. Our expert trainers are here to help. To achieve your weight loss goals faster, consider joining our comprehensive 21-Day Weight Loss Program. We’ll help you define your fitness goals, optimize your workout, and find the right warm-up and intermittent interval exercises for you. Get started now!

Disclaimer: Consult your healthcare provider before doing any new exercise, especially if you have underlying health conditions or concerns.

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Customer Reviews

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