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The Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Lemon water is one of the simplest ways you can hydrate and boost your weight loss at the very same time. According to internal medicine specialist Dr. Roxanne B. Sukol, lemon water provides the following benefits:

  • Aiding in stomach acid production – Stomach acid is necessary for effectively breaking down food. The acidity may aid in supplementing acid levels in the stomach, which can decline as a person ages.
  • It’s a refreshing low-calorie option – While it is not calorie-free, it’s exceptionally low in calories. Unlike orange juice, which is packed full of sugars and calories, or other fruit juices, a glass in the morning can provide a refreshing boost that does not contribute unnecessary calories to your day.
  • Hydration keeps your metabolism in check – It is an excellent hydration option, and a way to give a plain glass of water a little excitement. Studies have shown that increased hydration can help to give metabolism a boost, helping your body to more effectively use its nourishment.
  • Contains antioxidants – Antioxidants help to protect the cells of the body from taking on damage caused by free radicals. Lemons are rich in phytonutrients, or antioxidants known to protect cells from disease.
  • Can help to prevent kidney stones – Kidney stones are notoriously painful and sometimes even require surgical intervention to pass. Lemons contain high levels of citric acid, which studies have shown can help to prevent the formation of kidney stones.


Lemon water is the tastiest and healthiest way to stay hydrated while supporting all your weight loss goals.

Drinking lemon water daily supports healthy digestion, detoxifies our bodies, and kickstarts our metabolism. However, it can be tough sometimes to remember to drink enough throughout the day to get full health benefits. Here are some tips that will help you drink more:

  1. Set Hydration Goals: Having a specific target can help to motivate you to drink how much you want. Based on some research, it has been shown that lemon water can help support weight loss goals. So maybe your goal is to drink two glasses of lemon water every day until you lose twenty pounds. Then you can set a new goal once that one has been hit. 
  2. Set A Schedule: Start your day with a glass of lemon water in the morning to support digestion and hydration. Then plan to drink more lemon water at specific times throughout the day. For instance, drink a glass of lemon water before each meal, mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and once before bed. This routine will make it easier for you to remember.
  3. Use A Water Tracking App: Several smartphone apps can help you track your lemon water intake. They will also remind you to drink water regularly with alerts. They’re ideal for busy professionals.
  4. Invest In A Cool Reusable Water Bottle: Get a stylish water bottle you like and always carry it with you. If you have a water bottle within reach, you’re more likely to take a sip even when you’re not thirsty.
  5. Replace Other Drinks: Gradually reduce your consumption of sodas, coffee, and other beverages and replace them with lemon water. Not only will this increase your intake, but it can also reduce your consumption of harmful sugars and unneeded caffeine.


These five ways will help you get all the benefits of lemon water. If you’re curious about all the amazing health benefits, download our report: “The Health Benefits of Lemon Water: What It Does For Your Body.” Our FREE report has all the valuable health information you need to know about drinking lemon water. You’ll learn how to support your health and weight loss goals.

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