The Right Ingredients For Weight Loss Goals

February 19, 2016

Fit woman with measuring tape wrapped around slim waist

Although maintaining weight loss goals can be a zero-sum game, actually initiating that change is about shifting the metabolic balance of the body.  This can also be why it is often so difficult to get rid of the last ten or twenty pounds that help to result in an ideal body image.  However, this frustrating last part of the journey can also result in approaches that may be less than optimal for overall health.

The Body Will Find Balance

One of the most frequent frustrations that we hear voiced by customers is that their initial weight loss transition was highly noticeable and even helped to motivate to push for further goals.  This type of plateau effect is the result of the body becoming used to more efficient metabolic function.  The problem is that many people take the approach of redoubling efforts, rather than simply changing the approach.

In order to initiate any type of weight loss, people will need to be able to burn more calories than they are ingesting.  Unfortunately, habitual dieting can have this effect, but can also have an added strain on the body.  This is because diets, by their nature, are limiting.  The result is that while calories are reduced, so are vital nutrients that the body needs in order to actually support healthy metabolism.

Breaking The Cycle

In order to maintain health and weight loss goals, it is necessary to engage in lifestyle changes that are consistent considerations for long-term wellness.  This is especially true when trying to contend with those last few pounds before perfection, as this is when the temptation to go on a crash diet can be at its highest.

Some simple tips for success in dropping the extra pounds can also become a consideration for a lifetime of wellness.

  • Clean up your diet – eating clean can have the greatest impact on actually reaching goals, regardless of the amount of exercise that is also incorporated.  This means avoiding processed foods that are high in additives which slow metabolic rates.  Using lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs that are also high in fiber, such as natural grains, can make a huge impact.
  • Sweat it out – whether this is through more cardio activities, sauna and heat wrap sessions, or even a hot bath in drawing salts, the increased core temperature will not only rev up the metabolic rate, but will also help in the removal of toxins.
  • Supportive supplements – weight loss supplements that combine nutritional and digestive support from probiotics, cleansing properties from aloe and cascara sagrada, and thermogenic boosting from cayenne, are also effective for clearing toxins while also replenishing vital nutrients.

Even these basic approaches can become the difference between struggling with fluctuations in losing the last several pounds and achieving a success that can be maintained.  For more tips and support that can help you meet your ideal of body perfection, follow our Weight Loss Solutions blog, and meet your goals.