What Belly Fat Can Say About The Core Of Your Being

February 05, 2016

Woman crouched on scale

One of the biggest problems that our clients are looking to address is the problem of belly fat.  Adipose deposits around the midriff can be some of the most difficult areas to truly slim down, but the reasons for these accumulations can also become the basis for a solution.


The Natural Order Of Survival


Part of healthy weight loss is the understanding that our bodies require a certain amount of fat in order to function.  The physiological design is such that the body will natural store fats to accommodate times when food is less plentiful, or when more energy is needed to sustain a core temperature.  As an evolutionary response, our systems will still resort to fat storage around the midriff, even though modern living conditions no longer necessitate this response.


Another aspect of stubborn belly fat is also related to our modern lifestyles, in that true core strengthening is often undermined by hours of sitting at a desk and poor posture.  The result is that people rely upon the support of furniture, instead of activating these muscles for functional needs.  Further, many traditional exercises for the abdominals only work one layer of this muscle group, and that means that results from efforts can be lacking.


Making Positive Changes


Along with actively engaging the core and the abdominals throughout the day, exercises that are functional and use full body combinations can also be effective in addressing all the factors that contribute to midriff fat deposits.  Combining strength and cardio, such as with boxing or martial arts will also facilitate weight loss and the reduction of belly fat on a more consistent and maintainable basis.


For an ideal head start on eliminating belly fat, Lose Belly Fat Fast! can also directly target these areas.  Through the application of heat, pressure, and natural topical components, people are able to shrink the actual fat cells in the area, and increase the rate at which this adipose tissue is metabolized.  The results can be both immediate and lasting, but can also be supported by functional exercises that build tone across the full extent of the core area.


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