Wedding Bells Are Ringing

May 19, 2016

Bride having her gown's corset tightened

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

In many people’s minds and itineraries, May marks the official beginning of wedding season.  From May through October, fitting rooms are a buzz with women who are searching for just the right dress.  Brides all over the country, as well as bridesmaids, gear up to show off what they have!  Even those who are simply guests invited to the wedding stress about finding just the right dress or suit to wear.

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

Unfortunately, those fitting room mirrors can be downright disastrous; why do they always make you look worse than your mirror at home?  Maybe it’s because you get to see yourself from all angles in the fitting room; front, back, and side.  In the fitting room, you are forced to take a good look at your body; not just a passing glance on the way out the door.  If you have looked in the mirror recently and don’t like what you see, it might be time to think about reducing some of the bulk on the hot spot of your body.

The Big Belly

Many people have a problem with belly fat.  That extra girth around the middle can cause you to go up a pant size because they just won’t zip.  They can cause you to go up a dress size in order to cover it without cling. And when you go up a size to hide your belly, you find that the fit on the rest of you just looks shabby. It seems like a hopeless situation.

You need to find a way to get rid of belly fat so that you can fit into your dress the right way.  The best solution? Our Waist Trimmer Sauna Belt. 

Take It off

Formulated to target belly fat, you’ll get dramatic results by using our spa-quality sauna belt. When used in combination with our Lipo-Trim gel, your skin will be tight and firm. Perfect to fit into that dress the right way; all of your curves hugged, not hidden.

It’s never too late to get rid of that unwanted girth. You might be the bride, you might be a bridesmaid, or you might even be a guest, but if you order our Sauna Belt today, you’ll be wedding-ready before the big day.

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