Do Big Claims Lead To Smaller Waistlines?

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Do Big Claims Lead To Smaller Waistlines?


At Weight Loss Solutions, we often get a number of queries regarding how different techniques can help you to lose those extra few pounds.  This commitment to achieving your perfect body image is often accompanied by the idea that it can be a process to reach that final level, but when quick reduction techniques are considered, there can be some disbelief as to the validity.


One of the big things that people do have concerns over is the mechanisms that are encouraging this firmer tone and actual reduction in size.  Many traditional diet aids incorporate some form of mono-hydrate, which essentially reduces water weight.  The result is that an immediate drop in pounds is noted, but the bloating that accompanies water weight is also reduced, and this shows as an immediate change in inches.


The concern that people who are looking to drop pounds in a healthy manner have, is that water weight loss is not permanent.  Fluctuations between five and ten pounds can happen over the course of a day, and this is not entirely indicative of actual physical change.


Water And Fat


In contrast, the use of slimming body wraps and heat wraps does still utilize this fact about the way the body stores water to induce change, but several factors differentiate this from just taking diuretics.  The results are also ones that can show immediate effects that will also last.


  • Heat – the heat that is maintained through the use of slimming body wraps not only raises the metabolic rate of the cells, but it also encourages the skin to expel toxins that are contributing to sluggishness.
  • De-toxing – along with the thermal quality of the wraps, a combination of natural ingredients further encourages the body to release weight through built up toxins.  Natural green clay as intense drawing power to pull these substances from the cells, while stimulating factors such as caffeine cause the cells to process more quickly.
  • Pressure – the tightness of a slimming wrap is part of the secret to the lasting effects.  As toxins, water, and even excess lipids are drawn out of the fat cells, the pressure of the wrap causes the cells to actually shrink in size.  The result is an immediate difference in appearance, but also smaller fat cells that now have less room to reabsorb lipids in the system.
  • Stimulation – this comes as a result of the heat, pressure, and caffeine or thermogenic topical, since all of these factors jump start the actual fat cells to achieve a more efficient process of function.

By understanding why certain approaches to weight loss can be more lasting than others, it also helps to inform people about the best choices that will suit their health and their needs.  To learn more about effective and lasting solutions for body perfection, follow our Weight Loss Solutions blog for more tips.

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