Lumps, Bumps, And Other Factors In Cellulite And Skin Tone

March 11, 2016

woman pinching her upper thigh

Lumps, Bumps, And Other Factors In Cellulite And Skin Tone

For many people, the distinction between fat and fit tends to be fairly clear-cut.  This is often based on actual body mass and structure, so that the overall appearance is one that is trim and lean.  However, even people who are in good health and physical shape can still fall prey to stubborn pockets of fat that can ruin the quality of tone.

What Is Cellulite, And Why Does It Happen?

The simple answer is that cellulite is fat cells that are visible through the surface of the skin.  The mechanics of this process are a little more involved, but even a basic understanding can also help people to find viable solutions for a better body look.

Fat is stored in cells across the body throughout the span of life.  However, over time, these deposits can change in composition and solidify.  This is generally related to the amount of brown fat that is stored, and this adipose tissue also tends to be responsible for those last few pounds that refuse to go away.

It should also be noted that general changes in skin and muscle tone can also impact the appearance of cellulite.  This is why even people who have a lower body mass and good fitness levels can still see cellulite appear, especially around

  • The midriff area, including the sides and lower back
  • Around the hips and thigh
  • Just above the knee
  • On the glutes
  • Along the tricep area of the arm

While abdominal fat deposits can especially contribute to the appearance of cellulite, muscle tone for the other areas of the body will also impact how evident these lumps are.

Dealing with cellulite can involve a number of techniques, but at Weight Loss Solutions, we do find that specifically targeting problem areas is a part of the answer to addressing the problem.  One of the best combination techniques involves use topical treatments that are absorbed through the skin. 

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