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All About Greek Yogurt: Secrets Revealed

All About Greek Yogurt and How to Use

Greek yogurt is so famous as it is different from other types of yogurts. It is made by straining cow’s milk and removing the whey; therefore, it has a thicker consistency and a rich flavor in comparison to other yogurts.

Greek yogurt has a high nutritional value as it contains important nutrients and minerals such as calcium, protein, probiotics, iodine, and vitamin B12. Thanks to its nutritional profile it has great health benefits, the most important being the following:

Greek yogurt reduces appetite and hunger while also boosts your metabolism.

Greek yogurt is rich in protein, and it makes us feel satiated quicker and for longer. Research has shown that a high protein meal or snack helps us to avoid binge eating and generally eat less throughout the day. Other studies suggest that increasing the amount of dietary protein leads us to consume fewer calories and is great for weight loss.

Moreover, if Greek yogurt is a part of a balanced diet, as discussed in the 21 Day Weight Loss Program, that includes good portions of protein, fiber, and healthy fats it can boost our metabolism and help us with our weight loss goals.

greek yogurt is healthy for you is a great snack for you and your family. The 21 day weight loss program can teach you all about the science behind your body and how to lose weight

Greek yogurt improves bone health

Greek yogurt is high in calcium and that makes it a perfect food for strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis. Furthermore, Greek yogurt also contain magnesium and vitamin D, which are essential bone building nutrients and help us improve our bone density.

Greek yogurt benefits gut health

Probiotics are healthy bacteria, which our guts need to help boost immunity and overall health. Our stomach naturally contains probiotics but eating foods with probiotics may help increase the number of good bacteria in our gut. Greek yogurt contains important probiotics that help restore a healthy bacterial balance within the gut. Eating Greek yogurt is healthier and more effective than taking a probiotic supplement and due to its creamy texture, it is also more enjoyable.

How to introduce Greek yogurt into your diet

Greek yogurt is a very versatile ingredient that can be eaten plane, or it can be introduced to numerus recipes. A healthy serving of Greek yogurt is around 5 to 6 tablespoons, and it can be added to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack.

Greek yogurt and fruits make a delicious combination, you can choose any type of fruit like apples, raspberries, oranges, banana, you could even top is with homemade granola, cinnamon, or honey for a healthy and filling breakfast.  

Greek yogurt can be also added to smoothies or even salad dressings and dips since it makes an amazing healthy substitute for mayonnaise.

When buying your Greek yogurt choose the full-fat option instead of the low-fat option as it is made with whole milk and it is well rounded nutritionally with great fats and protein that will make you feel full and satiated, plus it is creamier than the low-fat or no-fat options, something that makes it even more enjoyable.

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