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WeightLoss-Solutions actually started over 30 years ago. While working in the health and fitness industry, I realized there was a tremendous need for information and knowledge of the “how to” and “why”, not just getting a gym membership and a “starve yourself” diet. So, in 1989 I started FITNESS MAGAZINE, and everything snowballed from there. Now, through years of involvement in the health, fitness, nutrition, and spa industries, I found the need for teaching this knowledge greater than ever.

So, with the help of a great team, years of experience, and thousands of hours of research… here is WeightLoss-Solutions and the 21 Day Weight Loss Program. Not a fad diet or exercise program, this is a new, different, common sense, and healthy approach to health and weight loss. And best of all we teach you the science behind the program and how your body works.

Always wishing you health, happiness, and success…

Brad Mitchell


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